Biotechnology Instruments
System Features:
•  Guaranteed Photosynthetically active Photon Flux Density (PPFD) 6000 µmol m-2 ·s-1
•  Exceptionally Stable LED Lighting System +/-2% throughout the entire lighting regime.
•  Versatile Lighting Matrix. User configured for irregular samples - an IRGA head/single large plant.
•  Best-in-Class User Friendly Software. Rapid data acquisition and analysis.
•  Blue lighting as standard.
•  Robust Lightweight Design. Easily adapted for lab screening or in-situ applications.
•  CE Certification.
System Features:
•  12.1 megapixel digital camera
•  High resolution 8" TFT screen
•  Digital control panel
•  Compact chamber and lightweight
•  Multi focus area selection
•  Built-in UV Transilluminator
•  Connect port for thermal printer
•  Universal rated voltage: 100-240 V
Bioreactors & Fermenters
System Features:
• Open frame system • Automatic operation • Well-designed system for Indian conditions • Microprocessor based PLC control/ independent control system
• Insitu or autoclavable system • Auto or manual sterilization facility • PLC/ SCADA control facility • Vessel SS 316 or glass • Electroplated vessels • User-friendly software • pH/DO/Foam control • PO2 / redox controller and monitoring • Cascade / multiple control facility • Data logging facility • Provision for scaling up from lab scale to pilot and process scale • Top motor drive or bottom magnetic drives with mechanical seal • Temperature control system • Automatic/manual sample feed facility
Optional facility for analysis of Glucose
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Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging System
Gel Documentation System
System Features:
•  High resolution, unrivalled definition and exclusive quality colour CCDcamera
•  Professional industrial lens to deliver outstanding scientific performance
•  Intuitive user interface to make it easy to use by anyone
•  One button operation-quick analysis by just one click. Saving labour and time
•  Ingenious structural design and advanced collection and control electrocircuit system
•  Single USB2.0 interface to PC Be widely used for colony counting
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Automatic Colony Counter & Zone Reader
Spiral Plating System
System Features:
• easySpiral / easySpiral Pro automatic Spiral platers
• Scan 300 / Scan 500 / Scan 1200 automatic colony counters
• Automatic data saving and reporting
• Full plating cycle in 25 seconds and counting in 1 click
We provide wide range of microscope used for various application in Biotechnology
System Features:
• Excellent optical system, outstanding image quality with high resolution and definition.
• Comfortable operating with ergonomic design.
• Unique aspheric illumination system, provide bright and comfortable lighting
• Compact and flexible, ideally suited for desktop, laboratory worktable
PCR/Thermal Cycler
System Features:
• Volume adaptation
• New multipoint temperature monitoring more accurate and uniform temperature control
• Temperature Gradient function
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System Features:
• High accuracy and precision are accomplished through quality design and construction.
• Each system is factory-calibrated to ensure accuracy.
• Data record intervals can be set at intervals ranging from 1 to 720 minutes.
• Operation is simplified through the use of standard laboratory glassware.
• Gas or liquid samples can be withdrawn easily at any time during a test.
• Allow maximum flexibility in application.
UV Transilluminator
System Features:
• Ultra-high uniformity of UV intensity distribution.
• Illuminant filter size.
• Single / Dual UV wavelengths.
• Adjustable UV intensities with high/ low intensity selector.
• No flickering effect.
• Anti-UV transparent cover.
• Multiple protective circuit designs.
• International certification.
Fluorescence & Chemiluminescence Imaging Systems
System Features:
• Microcomputer controlled double dark boxes to protect against static electricity.
• Three-stage Peltier digital cooled CCD camera, the very low background noise.
• F0.95 fast lens to ensure acquisition of faint signals.
• Binning mode increasing sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.
• optional light sources, flexibility to various luminous substrates.
• multi-filter wheel, flexibility to various fluorescent dyes.
Instrumentation for Microbial Research
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Analytical Inst
Go for Analytical & Medical lab Equip.
Medical Inst

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